Where can The NCS take you after A Levels finish?

Every NCS student has a specific aim in mind. From a dream university to a successful career in the sector you’re passionate about; The NCS supports and guides every student through the process of refining and reaching those goals.

On this page we catch up with NCS Alumni to share the stories of their continuing studies at university and career successes. They discuss how The NCS enriched their lives.

Tafsia always knew she wanted to go into STEM.

She’s now studying at MIT in America.


At The NCS Tafsia quickly learned that if you put in the work, there’s nothing to limit your ambition. At MIT in America – the world’s greatest university – she’s learning how to change the world via science, technology and maths.

Tafsia joined us from Sarah Bonnell and achieved A* / A* / A* / A* / A at A Level. She now studies at MIT in America where she’s looking to focus on Material Science and Engineering.

The NCS provided Tafsia with all the support she needed to achieve her goal of attending an Ivy League university. Her message of positivity and not being afraid to compete to get the best for yourself reverberates around the walls of our buildings, leaving many students now looking to emulate her successes. “The NCS gave me everything I wanted in a college experience. It helped me through my A Levels so much. The teachers are amazing. I miss it! But yes, I would absolutely 100% recommend it.”

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Samiya learned how to be in a professional environment at The NCS.

She’ll soon be starting a training contract with one of the biggest law firms in the world.


Having your professional skills being built is one of the cornerstones of our Emerging Talent Programme. What Samiya learned and experienced in her two years at The NCS opened the door to one of the biggest corporate law firms in the world.

Samiya was a high achiever at A Level, having joined us from Sarah Bonnell. She chose to join our first cohort of students for the professional skills tutoring that we provide. She loves how we tailor enrichment to each individual’s strengths and desired destinations.

During her NCS tenure Samiya enjoyed workshops at a wide variety of corporate law firms, eventually landing a space on our international work experience with White & Case LLP. After impressing during the trip, it’s with them that she’ll be starting a training contract with as soon as she finishes her studies at LSE. “It’s really rare to find teachers and individuals who are so invested in you. They make sure that they follow up with you [to see] how you’re doing.  I am truly, truly grateful for my experiences at The NCS.”

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Isuf loves maths, science and space.

He’ll combine those passions at MIT.


The NCS provided all the support Isuf needed to make a successful application to Ivy League universities in America.

Isuf has benefitted from The NCS’ new Elite University Preparation Programme, which provides support to all students whilst they make applications to the most competitive universities and school leaver programmes in the world.

Expressing an interest in applying to an Ivy League university, Isuf was one of a number of students to have tutoring from a specialist in the SAT entrance exam that The NCS works with. We also took him on our exploration trip to the USA which allows students to learn about and visit MIT, Harvard, Princeton, Yale and Columbia.“The NCS brought in a tutor from the US who helped us revise for the general SAT, which is an exam that all students have to do to apply to the most competitive universities in the US. That was probably some of the best help I’ve ever gotten in terms of actually revising for an exam.”

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Zereena’s teachers gave her the confidence to reach beyond her expectations.

As a result she became one of our first Oxbridge students.


Zereena was one of the first students to benefit from the unique environment of The NCS. She emblazoned a path to the University of Oxford that has now become the norm for those within our walls.

Zereena achieved A / A / A grades at A Level. Before she joined The NCS she never even dreamed that she could become an Oxbridge student. It was her teachers who provided her with the encouragement and confidence to fill in an application form. She quickly became one of our first students to receive an offer from them.

Now studying English at Corpus Christi College, she understands just how accessible studying at Oxbridge is for NCS students. Her message resonates throughout the student’s who take up studies with us, which is one reason why The NCS has received more Oxbridge offers than any other comparable local sixth forms in their first four cohorts. “Don’t let where you come from limit you. Remind yourself, “this is where I come from, “ but don’t let it limit you. Honestly, you are your only barrier. It’s your hard work, your determination and your motivation that will get you somewhere.”

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Majida always knew she wanted to attend Cambridge.

At The NCS she found teachers who encouraged and supported her aims.


Before she even expressed her Cambridge aim, Majida found that her teachers at The NCS recognised her abilities and suggested applying was something she should do. She’s now going into her final year of studying English at the university she dreamed of attending for years.

Majida joined us from Lister and achieved A* / A* / A at A Level. She still returns to The NCS regularly for continued advice from her teachers, but also to share her knowledge with our current student’s who are looking to follow her to one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

She speaks eloquently of how the teaching style she was exposed to at The NCS is something that feels very familiar at Cambridge and a key factor as to why our students would really enjoy being able to study there too. “The NCS definitely becomes a kind of home and it is a really supporting and encouraging environment where you can really thrive.”

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Haseeb loved the holistic nature of studying at The NCS.

He’s now using those skills to become a doctor at UCL.


In his NCS classes he was pushed beyond the syllabus and learned a wide range of soft skills, all of which he now uses daily as he studies medicine at UCL on the path to becoming a future leader in his profession.

Haseeb joined The NCS from Kingsford and achieved A / A / A at A Level. During his time studying with us he benefitted from the wide ranging opportunities we provide as part of our MedSchool preparation. He speaks how our holistic overview to enrichment helps students learn about themselves and their career aims, which in turn helped him make the best choices for his further education.

Like many of our alumni, he returns to help our current students who are also looking to go into the medicine field. He provides insight into the sector and also supports student’s preparing to take their BMAT and UCAT entrance exams. “I think The NCS is a hub of like minded students who really want to reach their upper limits and really push themselves to become the leaders of tomorrow. The NCS most definitely has given me skills to cope with university, but also to become a leader and a person who cultivates change.”

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Saadia wanted a sixth form that allowed you to build a future for yourself.

She found that and more at The NCS.


During her time at The NCS, Saadia worked just as hard outside of school. She spoke in the house of commons, was a member of youth parliament and worked on Saadiq Khan’s mayoral campaign. She credits The NCS for the confidence and skills to do all of this.

Saadia joined us from Plashet and achieved A* / A / A at A Level. Knowing she wanted to follow a career in law, Saadia enjoyed the opportunities that our Emerging Talent Programme provided. She got to spend time in chambers and corporate law firms, eventually going on the week long work experience in Abu Dhabi.

All this exposure helped Saadia decide that she wanted to become a barrister, something she’s en route to accomplishing with her studies at LSE. “I think the main thing that I’ve taken from NCS is not to let your background limit you. And always dream big, no matter where you’ve come from, no matter that your life experiences are, you can always achieve something if you put your mind to it and nothing is ever too big.”

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