93% A*-B

99.5% A*-C

Over 110 students earning at
least three A* / A grades

Over 100 offers for Medicine,
Dentistry, Oxbridge, and Ivy League!

4 years of outstanding
A Level Results


Our A Level Results Are In!

The pandemic may have stopped them sitting their final exams, but students at Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre (The NCS) have defied convention yet again with an incredible 93% A*-B and 99.5% A*-C.

This year’s NCS students will go on to study at the world’s best Ivy League and Russell Group universities – including Harvard (USA), Princeton (USA), MIT (USA), Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, LSE, Imperial, and King’s College London – ready and focussed to join some of the brightest minds around the world.

We are delighted to report that our fifth cohort have once again achieved a superb set of A Level results which rivals some of the best and most prestigious independent and grammar schools in the country.  As the Good Schools Guide recently said:

“There is a real sense that the school is replicating many of the outstanding features of a private school education, providing its students with opportunities that would not necessarily be available in a normal state school.

– Good Schools Guide on The NCS

Delivering consistently outstanding A levels results is the mark of a world class institution! That’s why we’re delighted to report that this year students have achieved 93% A*-B and 99.5% A*-C, with over 110 students receiving at least three A* / A grades. For five years in a row,  ALPS has ranked the NCS in the Top 1% of all state schools (including grammar schools) in the UK for student progress.  Simply put, this means NCS students achieve better A level results that 99% of all other schools when you compare students who have the same GCSE grades on entry.

This year’s cohort also celebrated a record number of offers for Ivy League universities, Oxbridge, Medicine, and Dentistry, with 95% of students receiving an offer to study at a Russell Group University.  In addition, 4 students have offers for high profile degree apprenticeships from companies such KPMG, PWC and Dyson; offering bespoke internships, training and grants that will cover further education costs.

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Why Did NCS Staff Choose Us For Their Child’s A Level Studies?


Staff at The NCS have a unique insight into what the day-to-day life inside our sixth form is actually like, more so than we could ever show you via this website or an open evening. We therefore felt it important that they shared with you the reasons why they chose us for their own child’s A Level studies.

During the ‘lockdown’ period, we held zoom calls with them to discover what they saw taking place at The NCS that meant they knew their children would thrive in The NCS environment.

Our vision as educators is to inspire our students to go on to do what inspires them with a holistic education that is formed by a mix of academic enrichment, soft skills development, and relevant/purposeful work placements. 

Scroll down to watch the student & alumni stories below that prove that the work we’re doing in our community is having a real impact in improving social mobility and the life chances of our students.

A2 & Alumni Student Stories

Umran has always been fascinated by physics

She found like minded people who shared her passion for learning at The NCS


With a keen fascination for all things physics, Umran found like minded people at The NCS. She loved how passionately her teachers spoke about the subject, to the point that they gave additional lectures that focussed on specific areas and provided a challenging look at undergraduate research. 

Umran’s curiosity on topics such as black holes was sparked at a young age, and she was given the opportunity to explore these topics in greater detail as part of our NCS Project X (Physics), which exposes students to first year undergraduate material. Umran took advantage of all the academic enrichment the NCS provides and with the support of our staff, Umran made competitive applications to some of UK’s leading universities. Umran will now be heading to the University of Cambridge to carry with her love of learning Physics.

“The NCS is an environment where you learn to grow. You learn to become the best person that you absolutely can be. It’s just been the best environment that I could have ever chosen.”

[ Learn more about our Elite University Preparation ]

Lennox always knew the Ivy League was his aim

Our free SAT preparation gained him offers for Princeton and MIT


Lennox was always aiming for the Ivy League in America. He knew he had the abilities to get there and joined The NCS after seeing our Elite University Preparation had supported previous students secure offers.

He built up his knowledge of the application process and prepared for his SAT entrance exams, by attending our free week long summer SAT workshop. We also took Lennox to visit the Ivies in Boston and New York as part of our specific Ivy League Preparation Programme. It was an experience that filled him with inspiration and his applications were so successful that he secured offers from both MIT and Princeton, the latter is where he will be continuing his studies on a full scholarship of $320,000.

“The support The NCS gives us overall for our education is really quite amazing.”

[ Learn more about our Ivy League Preparation Programme ]

Isuf loves maths, science, and space.

He’s now combining those passions at MIT.


The NCS provided all the support Isuf needed to make a successful application to Ivy League universities in America.

Isuf has benefitted from The NCS’ Elite University Preparation Programme, which provides support to all students whilst they make applications to the most competitive universities and school leaver programmes in the world.

Expressing an interest in applying to an Ivy League university, Isuf was one of a number of students to have tutoring from a specialist in the SAT entrance exam that The NCS works with. We also took him on our exploration trip to the USA which allows students to learn about and visit MIT, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and Columbia.

“The NCS is the place where I learned how to study super efficiently and work really hard. But it’s also the place where I learned to believe in myself.”

[Learn more about our Elite University Preparation Programme]

Rafiah is passionate about medicine

The NCS Med School will allow her to carve a multi-faceted career


If you speak to Rafiah, you’ll discover just how much she loves medicine. She’s in no doubt that she wants a career leading medical professionals and her time at The NCS has not only cemented this, but allowed her to develop her interests and skills.

Alongside work experience at the Royal London Hospital, the NCS Med School also arranged for her to see the world of research at Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Heath. She now plans to have a career working as a surgeon and will be concentrating hard on her studies at the University of Oxford

“The NCS Med School is absolutely amazing! They help with every single step of the medical application process.”

[ Learn more about The NCS Med School ]
[ Learn more about the Emerging Talent Programme ]

Juanita was unsure if medicine was the right career path for her

The NCS provided work experiences in different sectors to help 


At The NCS Juanita enjoyed the freedom to explore different career paths as part of our Emerging Talent Programme. 

Amongst the work experiences the NCS Med School arranged for Juanita, her placements in NHS hospitals helped her see first hand the difference she could make in the world of medicine. She’ll now be continuing her studies at the University of Cambridge.

“The NCS provides opportunities for whatever career path you want to go down. And that really helped me to decide that medicine was right for me.”

[ Learn more about The NCS Med School ]
[ Learn more about the Emerging Talent Programme ]

Khadijah dreamt of a career in medicine

The NCS Med School has prepared her for the next steps of her journey


Getting into university to study medicine isn’t as straightforward as other degrees. Khadijah found an unrivalled medicine support structure as part of the NCS Med School that helped her meet her goal of receiving medicine offers from a number of high profile universities.

One of the things that supported her make a compelling and competitive application was the expert preparation we provide for the UCAT and BMAT entrance exams in addition to   the numerous mock interviews we hold. In part this includes free access to rich resources, which for Med School students includes the Medify online library.

Khadjiah will now be following her dream by studying at UCL

“As someone that wants to go into medicine, The NCS is the perfect place to be because they provide a lot of extra support.”

[ Learn more about The NCS Med School ]
[ Learn more about the Emerging Talent Programme ]

Haseeb loved the holistic nature of studying at The NCS.

He’s now using those skills to become a doctor at UCL.


In his NCS classes he was pushed beyond the syllabus and learned a wide range of soft skills, all of which he now uses daily as he studies medicine at UCL on the path to becoming a future leader in his profession.

Haseeb joined The NCS from Kingsford and achieved A / A / A at A Level. During his time studying with us he benefitted from the wide ranging opportunities we provide as part of our MedSchool preparation. He speaks how our holistic overview to enrichment helps students learn about themselves and their career aims, which in turn helped him make the best choices for his further education.

Like many of our alumni, he returns to help our current students who are also looking to go into the medicine field. He provides insight into the sector and also supports student’s preparing to take their BMAT and UCAT entrance exams. “I think The NCS is a hub of like minded students who really want to reach their upper limits and really push themselves to become the leaders of tomorrow. The NCS most definitely has given me skills to cope with university, but also to become a leader and a person who cultivates change.”

[Learn more about our MedSchool preparation]

Dayna wanted a Sixth Form only environment and felt NCS offered her this niche.

At The NCS she found unmatched academics & personal development opportunities


When Dayna joined The NCS from her previous grammar school, she discovered what she was missing during her GCSE studies. Put simply, that was the unparalleled academic support, super curricular opportunities and stretch that we provide.

She used the opportunities that The NCS provides students with to build her confidence and overall skillset. She found her studies enjoyable and prospects of securing an Oxbridge offer improve dramatically due to our specialists guidance, especially the Oxbridge Supervision Sessions that helped grow her critical thinking skills. Dayna will continue to discover what her future will hold at the University of Cambridge. 

“I didn’t feel I received as much academic support at my previous grammar school. At NCS there was so much support from the teachers for the students, I felt the support at NCS was unmatched.”

[ Learn about our Elite University Preparation ]

Zereena’s teachers gave her the confidence to reach beyond her expectations.

As a result she became one of our first Oxbridge students.


Zereena was one of the first students to benefit from the unique environment of The NCS. She emblazoned a path to the University of Oxford that has now become the norm for those within our walls.

Zereena achieved A / A / A grades at A Level. Before she joined The NCS she never even dreamed that she could become an Oxbridge student. It was her teachers who provided her with the encouragement and confidence to fill in an application form. She quickly became one of our first students to receive an offer from them.

Now studying English at Corpus Christi College, she understands just how accessible studying at Oxbridge is for NCS students. Her message resonates throughout the student’s who take up studies with us, which is one reason why The NCS has received more Oxbridge offers than any other comparable local sixth forms in their first four cohorts. “Don’t let where you come from limit you. Remind yourself, “this is where I come from, “ but don’t let it limit you. Honestly, you are your only barrier. It’s your hard work, your determination, and your motivation that will get you somewhere.”

[Learn more about our Oxbridge sessions]

Jai wants to use his mathematical knowledge to improve the world

The skills he learned at The NCS will allow him to complete his aim


Aware that his passion for numbers could help him make a positive and lasting contribution to the world, Jai studied hard to develop his mathematical skills whilst at The NCS.

He also used all the Code Breaking and Emerging Talent Programme opportunities that we provide to help improve his soft and presentation skills to increase his chances of standing out at university and in his chosen industry.

He enjoyed his many visits to financial institutions in the city where he saw first hand how he could put into practice his deep love of mathematics. Jai will continue his studies at LSE.

“The professional skills that I’ve gained at The NCS are as important as the academic scheme of work. They’ll put me in the right environment when I compete against very like minded students.”

[ Learn more about The NCS Code Breakers course ]
[ Learn more about The NCS Emerging Talent Programme ]

Samiya learned how to be in a professional environment at The NCS.

She’s now on a training contract with one of the biggest law firms in the world.


Having your professional skills being built is one of the cornerstones of our Emerging Talent Programme. What Samiya learned and experienced in her two years at The NCS opened the door to one of the biggest corporate law firms in the world.

Samiya was a high achiever at A Level, having joined us from Sarah Bonnell. She chose to join our first cohort of students for the professional skills tutoring that we provide. She loves how we tailor enrichment to each individual’s strengths and desired destinations.

During her NCS tenure Samiya enjoyed workshops at a wide variety of corporate law firms, eventually landing a space on our international work experience with White & Case LLP. After impressing during the trip, it’s with them that she’ll be starting a training contract with as soon as she finishes her studies at LSE. “It’s really rare to find teachers and individuals who are so invested in you. They make sure that they follow up with you [to see] how you’re doing.  I am truly, truly grateful for my experiences at The NCS.”

[Learn more about our Emerging Talent Programme]
[Learn more about NCS Code Breakers]

Saadia wanted a sixth form that allowed you to build a future for yourself.

She found that and more at The NCS.


During her time at The NCS, Saadia worked just as hard outside of school. She spoke in the house of commons, was a member of youth parliament, and worked on Saadiq Khan’s mayoral campaign. She credits The NCS for the confidence and skills to do all of this.

Saadia joined us from Plashet and achieved A* / A / A at A Level. Knowing she wanted to follow a career in law, Saadia enjoyed the opportunities that our Emerging Talent Programme provided. She got to spend time in chambers and corporate law firms, eventually going on the week long work experience in Abu Dhabi.

All this exposure helped Saadia decide that she wanted to become a barrister, something she’s en route to accomplishing with her studies at LSE. “I think the main thing that I’ve taken from NCS is not to let your background limit you. And always dream big, no matter where you’ve come from, no matter that your life experiences are, you can always achieve something if you put your mind to it and nothing is ever too big.”

[Learn more about our Emerging Talent Programme]

Catherine was inspired by her teacher’s love of physics

She’ll now take that passion to MIT in America


Catherine benefitted from our Ivy League Preparation Programme and the passion that NCS teachers have for their subjects. They’ve helped her get to the best university in the world for developing her talents.

Catherine joined The NCS from Sir John Cass Redcoat and soon found her teachers displayed nothing but love for the subjects that they teach. She found it infectious and soon developed her own passion for Physics.

Encouraged by NCS staff, she gained the confidence to apply to Ivy League universities – something she admits wasn’t something she thought was possible two years ago. Our Elite University Preparation Programme gave her the knowledge to sit the American SAT exams and the skills to have an accomplished interview as part of her application.

She will be continuing to study the sciences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) In America.

“The NCS encourages us all to shoot higher than we would have done previously. It’s been a fantastic environment for me academically.”

[ Learn more about our Ivy League Preparation Programme ]

Tafsia always knew she wanted to go into STEM.

She’s now studying at MIT in America.


At The NCS Tafsia quickly learned that if you put in the work, there’s nothing to limit your ambition. At MIT in America – the world’s greatest university – she’s learning how to change the world via science, technology, and maths.

Tafsia joined us from Sarah Bonnell and achieved A* / A* / A* / A* / A at A Level. She now studies at MIT in America where she’s looking to focus on Material Science and Engineering.

The NCS provided Tafsia with all the support she needed to achieve her goal of attending an Ivy League university. Her message of positivity and not being afraid to compete to get the best for yourself reverberates around the walls of our buildings, leaving many students now looking to emulate her successes. “The NCS gave me everything I wanted in a college experience. It helped me through my A Levels so much. The teachers are amazing. I miss it! But yes, I would absolutely 100% recommend it.”

[Learn more about our Elite University Preparation Programme]
[Learn more about Tafsia’s story]

Good Schools Guide

“For us, this is the real deal.”

– The Good Schools Guide delivers high praise for The NCS and its support of students

Earlier this year we were visited by the team from the Good Schools Guide, the notable publication that’s written by educational experts, for parents.

Below are a few quotes from their report on the work we’re doing to raise student ambitions and affect social mobility in our community.

“There is a real sense that the school is replicating many of the outstanding features of a private school education, providing its students with opportunities that would not necessarily be available in a normal state school.”

“If NCS continues to deliver in the way in which it has begun, it will be the standard bearer for a whole new generation of schools.”

“The staff (39 of them, two-thirds Oxbridge- educated themselves) are teaching right to the top end, and clearly to great effect.”

“There was lots of relaxed interchange between teachers and students, and plenty of smiles but, underneath it all, it was impossible not to recognise the deep ambition of everyone there.

“It’s a humane and imaginative society, as well as an academic powerhouse: a combination which should make a great many fee-paying schools sit up and take notice. For us, this is the real deal.

Key 2020 Statistics


of NCS students achieved A*-B grades at A Level0%

National average A*-B0%


% of NCS students achieved A*-C grades at A Level0%

National average A*-B0%


Students with Russell Group offers0%


more than

100+ Medicine, Dentistry, Oxbridge, and Ivy League offers


more than

110+ students earning three A* / A grades


5 students on degree apprenticeship programmes (KPMG, PWC, Dyson)

View students achieving top grades

Coming soon.

What ingredients help our students succeed?

We see the two years of A Level study as more than just learning a syllabus.

Our aim is to push, stretch, challenge, and support our students as they investigate areas of interest, potential career paths, and a deeper understanding of the subjects that they love.

There are many ways in which we accomplish this and our approach is tailored to each individual student. Some key components include:

Outstanding Teachers

Teacher And Students In A Biology Lesson At Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre (The NCS)

Our greatest asset are our highly skilled, caring and supportive teachers who believe strongly in The NCS vision and are dedicated to ensuring our students are prepared for the challenges of the 21st century. Our outstanding results could not be achieved without the high quality, personalised learning and teaching that takes place on a daily basis, not to mention the regular and scheduled intervention classes ensuring that no NCS student is left behind. A number of Oxbridge graduates on our staff provide regular preparation sessions for University applications and interviews.

Elite University Preparation

Acing The US Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) - Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre (The NCS) Provides Unparalleled Support To Students Applying To Study At American Ivy League Universities - In Video

The entire world of further education is open to all NCS students and we will provide you with the resources to explore choices and support you prepare the very best applications for university possible.

Our aim is to help and assist you to achieve your deserved next step. Whether that’s a Russell Group university, Oxbridge, an Ivy League education in the USA or work placement / industry programmes across the world, The NCS has the capacity and capabilities to help you realise your ambitions.

NCS Med School

NCS Med School Prepares A Level Students For Careers In Medicine And Dentistry

The NCS Med School was set up to provide a dedicated service to those students who aspire to study medicine, dentistry and veterinary science at some of the world’s leading universities.

With students securing over 100 medicine and dentistry offers every year, NCS Med School has quickly established a local and national reputation for supporting students with their applications.  The NCS Med School consists of a team of dedicated experts and is able led by Ms Gates, who is the Director of Medical and Dentistry Admissions.

Soft Skills and Industry Workshops

Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre Students Take Part In Soft Skills And Industry Workshops At Barclays Bank

In today’s world it’s not enough to just have a set of amazing grades. To stand out from the crowd you need to be able to present yourself in a professional and articulate manner. We see it as vital that we develop students’ soft skills, confidence and critical thinking. To help us achieve this we work with industry partners to run workshops and masterclasses on important soft skills such as CV writing, presentation, team work and problem solving.

Emerging Talent Programme

Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre (The NCS) Student Looks At X Ray On NHS Medical Hospital Work Experience

Our students benefit immensely from our Emerging Talent Programme which has been created to give NCS students an insight into the career they have decided to pursue. It’s been designed in conjunction with industry and academic experts. The key areas it focusses on are Accountancy, Banking and Finance, Law, Engineering, Medicine and Dentistry.

Students will gain work experience amongst our pool of industry partners and receive mentoring from NCS mentors. Those interested in a career in medicine or dentistry will be guaranteed  experience in NHS hospitals and private practices given they have the qualifying grade profile.

In our student profiles above, you’ll notice how students speak of the programme helping to cement their choices for further study at university. Over the summer months some students have also taken part in unique all expenses paid trips. You can read reports on these experience by clicking the links below.

[Law work placement in Abu Dhabi – student report 2018]
[Science in Japan – student report]
[Humanities trip to the USA]

Code Breakers

The NCS Code Breakers Course teaches students the hidden social and corporate codes which exist in the elite professions without which entry to and success in is limited; it is the polish & etiquette that most schools and Sixth Forms overlook.

World Class Lectures

Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre (The NCS) Lecture Programme

The NCS is privileged to be able to welcome high profile guest speakers from the world of academia and industry to share their knowledge and experiences with NCS students as part of our promise to provide students with a holistic and well-rounded education. 

Our students are routinely exposed to the latest thinking and discourse from a range of different areas, ranging from political philosophy to science of the brain. Our lecture programme has been designed to enhance our super curriculum and provide our students with an alternative perspective to some of the material they have been exposed to during their lessons, giving them a depth and breadth of knowledge beyond A level studies.

Technology for Learning

Apple iPad In Use As Part Of Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre (The NCS) Technology For Learning

Every student at The NCS receives an iPad as a core tool to aid their learning. With each device comes the majority of study textbooks, full course outlines, documents and tasks set for lessons and for further study. Students are able to interact with their live lessons to ensure that their learning is personalised to them, gaining the most from their teachers with support for extra material to help stretch understanding beyond the syllabus.

You can watch a video about our use of technology and hear the students talking about their experiences by clicking the button below.

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