An important update on NCS applications

The announcement by the government to cancel GCSE exams will come as disappointing news. However, your hard work, efforts and dedication to your studies are not in vain. I am sure your school is working behind the scenes to put measures in place so that you all receive the grades you deserve to allow you to progress on to the next stage of your academic career, which we hope will be with us at the NCS.

It must be an extremely anxious time for all of you given the uncertainty that’s hanging over this year’s exams and grading system, but all you can do is continue to study hard not only to give yourself the very best possible chance of success, but also to have the necessary foundational knowledge, understanding and skills to be able to access the A level material when you join us, when hopefully things will be back to something like normal.

Many of you will have been preparing to sit your mock exams this month, applying to us with your most recent exam results and teacher predictions. We appreciate these mocks will have been cancelled.

We will therefore extend our application window to allow students to apply to us much later than usual, to give you the chance to provide your latest predicted grades. For students who already have their teacher predictions / mock results we strongly advise you apply as normal as we will begin to review/process application as soon as the planned application closing date passes (12th February 2021). However, students who apply later will not be put at a disadvantage and must submit their application as soon as they are in receipt of teacher predicted grades.

Please continue to follow us on our social media platforms (below) for all the latest updates and if you haven’t joined the NCS WhatsApp group I would strongly urge you to do so (see below) as we usually share information on this platform before posting elsewhere.

It is our intention at the NCS to provide all possible support and advice for you during these difficult times. Most importantly, do everything you can to stay safe and keep well. We send you and your families our very best wishes.

Mr. Ismail
Principal, The NCS

You can now apply to join The NCS for your A Level studies from September